Employee Wellness : Wellness Program Evaluation.

Evaluations determine the outcome of a Health Promotion Program. They help you figure out if your goals were met. It’s a good idea to add an analysis component to your Health Promotion Program.

Analysiss may conclude that some interventions didn’t work well. You could find that a well-liked Wellness Program costs too much and didn’t really affect employees’ health.

While these may not be the outcomes you hoped for, without this information you might continue ineffective interventions. Having this information will help you develop better solutions.

When your results are good, it is magnificent! You can spread the word to staff members and upper management that your health promotion program is achieving its objectives.

Three major areas of an analysis

&#149 Health Promotion Program structure – the basic framework of the program

&#149 Wellness Program process – How well the program is run

&#149 Health Promotion Program outcomes – Whether or not the health promotion program met the set objectives

Common questions used to evaluate a Wellness Program

Structure Questions

&#149 What’s included in the Wellness Program? What’s the intervention?

&#149 Where does the Wellness Program take place?

&#149 How’s the Health Promotion Program delivered? What content is included?

&#149 Who manages the Wellness Program?

Process Questions

&#149 Exactly how many individuals  participate?

&#149 Do participants complete the Wellness Program?

&#149 Are participants satisfied?

&#149 Which aspects of the Health Promotion Program are best attended?

Outcome Questions

&#149 Does the Wellness Program improve information about health issues?

&#149 Does the Health Promotion Program change behavior?

&#149 Does the Health Promotion Program save the company money?

&#149 What is the Return On Investment?

Download a sample health promotion program (http – //www.ibx.com/pdfs/custom/wellness_partners/services/turnkey_programs/walking/participant_eval.pdf) examination from IBC’s Walking Towards Health Promotion program.

&#149 Identify through an worker survey what incentives they value.

&#149 Identify what incentives the corporation can provide as well as what the budget will allow.

&#149 Ensure that every participant who achieves a goal receives some recognition.

&#149 Avoid offering incentives for the “best” or the “most.”

&#149 Prevent using food as a reward.

&#149 Use incentives to promote your health promotion program, through logos and branding.

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